How Zoe the Zombie Squirrel Became A Zombie

We held a contest and asked Instagram how Zoe became a Zombie squirrel. The tails (pun intended) were horrifying and humorous. Here are the three top winners:

BRONZE MEDAL TAIL (again pun intended)

Halloween True Story-Zoe the Zombie Squirrel edition (we swear this is true): Being from Australia, we knew not of these doe-eyed, bushy-tailed tree-dwellers, beyond the myths and legends told by our IG friends. What fun they seemed to have! SQUIIIIIRRRRELLLLL!!! We were missing out! So, one night after the pawrents had retired to their den we found Zoe online (you can buy literally anything online these days). She was pawfect! Add to basket;checkout;expedited shipping;pay by MasterTreat. Then we waited. And waited. Finally she was herebut something was wrong. Very wrong! Customs and Quarantine had irradiated her box on arrivalZoe was dead! We can fix thiswe must fix this! We just need to warm her up and give her a shock (like on TV). But after 30 seconds in the microwave and a knife in the toaster, no luck. We needed more power! Knife in the toaster IN the microwaveBOOM! Darkness descended over the neighbourhood and Zoe emerged from the microwave. Not exactly alive, but definitely undead! Zombie Squirrel! (Incidentally, this is why we’re not allowed in the kitchen anymore). #areyouafraidofthebark #iseedogpeoplecontest @bark

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SILVER MEDAL TAIL (pun intend.ok, you get the gist here)

Laughing, Screaming Children raided the streets, dressed as ghosts and goblins searching for treats. The apocalypse was started just the day before. None of those kids walking knew what was in store. in haunted houses the adults went expecting a bore, little did they know they’d be leaving with much more. They thought those zombies looked a little too real, but the children and their parents had made a deal. Thats when a little girl dressed to look dead was bitten, not by the zombies but an infected kitten. The girls dog escaped her harness, and chased that kitten into the darkness. Where the kitten scurried into the trees, Zombie or not, still trying to flee. Whilst being chased by the Merle, The small kitten came across a family of squirrels. Zombie like instincts soon rose in her, She looked at those squirrels like they were her dinner. The kitten forgot about the dog and pounced at the family, All of the squirrels ran off in different directions frantically. Scurrying through bushes and cracking twigs vastly you hear, the squirrels are running in fear. the kitten on their rear, may soon end up in awful cheer. it’s clear now that the kitten has a fast pace, While the squirrels are just so tired from the chase. running up a tree as fast as the feline can exhale, she sees one of the squirrels turning frail. the kitten has claws that scale the forestry trail, hoping that the little squirrel will fail. the cat has smelt her furry little track, oh how Zoe shouldn’t of stopped for a snack. kittens claws sprawling out, to get ready to climb this tree with no doubt. Zoe wondered if she should run or hide, Seeing the cat made her eyes get wide. there’s not another squirrel in sight, how could she survive this fright. Zoe knew her only chance was to jump, but only landed making a thump. She slipped from the bark to the ground, in the last seconds before her face made a frown, Zoe thought, oh what a night to be a squirrel in this town. In her fall she was dazed, And a Zombie kitten with the look of an utter fleshy haze. walked over to zoe with her silent paws, and sank in deep her dirty claws. #ISeeDogPeopleContest #areyouafraidofthebark

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GRAND PRIZE TALE (we got over the pun)

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered! For information on more cool contests and dog content, subscribe here:

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How Zoe the Zombie Squirrel Became A Zombie

7 Of The Coziest Beds For Dogs Who Love To Burrow

Maybe it’s in their genes, or maybe they just appreciate the comfort of curling up beneath a blanket, but a burrower will not rest until they’re, well, buried. If you’re in the habit of patting piles of blankets on the couch before sitting just to make sure there isn’t a dog hidden underneath, you know what I mean. And your pup will LOVE you for providing them with any of the burrow-friendly beds I’ve approved below.

Best For Most Dogs:


With 4 colors to match any decor and a super soft plush interior, this bed is out to please both your dog and you. To be honest, I’d crawl inside one of these myself and disappear for a while. Like most burrowing beds, it’s geared more toward small dogs (think no more than 10lbs of pup). Many reviewers claim their dog won’t sleep anywhere else after receiving this bed-and really, who would want to?


Soft plush material

Recyclable poly fill provides ultimate comfort

Matches any home decor

BUY HERE, $19.99-32.18

Best For Dog Parents On A Budget:


If my actual bed looked like this, I might actually try to be in it before 11PM every night. Then I’d never leave. My favorite thing about this particular bed is that it comes in 3 sizes ranging from small (28x38cm) to large (48x58cm) to satisfy a variety of small animals. It’s made with fleece & a spongy material on the inside, and even claims to be washable, though I would recommend the gentle cycle on your machine.


Comes in 3 sizes

Made of soft, washable fleece

Very reasonable price

BUY HERE, $13.88-17.33

Best For Dogs Who Love Blankets:


This is exactly how it sounds: a really soft bag-like bed that’s really more of a warm blanket. It’s EXACTLY the kind of thing my dachshund would go nuts for. The opening of the sack is bolstered with a thick, cushioned support to act as a pillow, and you can throw the whole thing in the wash with no regrets. The Snuggle Sack also comes in 3 sizes.


Just like a warm blanket

Comes in multiple sizes

100% machine washable

BUY HERE, $23.99-34.39

Other Burrowing Beds We Love:

Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed

This bed wins the race in terms of plush-ness. The inside is lined with warm sherpa material, and the hood is stiff to keep it propped up. The outer cover is removable for washing. You might not see your pup for a while after crawling in this one

BUY HERE, $68.34-99.95

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

My dog loves a good bolster on her bed, but this one knocks any of hers out of the park. The Deep Dish Cuddler is all that and more-it’s great for pups up to 20lbs, is coated in soft sherpa fabric, and is pretty much just a big, cozy hug in bed-form. Drape your dog’s favorite blanket over the top and you’re good to go.

BUY HERE, $19.99-41.95

Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler

I couldn’t resist adding another bed from this company. The Cozy Cuddler-unlike the Deep Dish Cuddler above-comes with a hood sewn into the bed to serve as a pseudo-blanket and provide something to actually burrow underneath. It’s super soft on the inside and is covered on the outside with durable corduroy fabric.

BUY HERE, $38.16-41.89

BedHug Dog Blanket

~Not a bed~ This nifty device is a cozy blanket uniquely shaped to wrap around the bed you already have at home. It covers small beds up to 22 long and secures on the underside with velcro. Then, viola! Your dog has an instant cave in which to disappear for a few hours.


Here’s to lots of dogs ready to hibernate this winter. Go forth and burrow!

Featured Image via Kerri/Amazon

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7 Of The Coziest Beds For Dogs Who Love To Burrow

7 Dog Toys For Dogs Who Love To Chew

Do you ever look at a cute dog toy and think, Yeah, that would last MAYBE 3 minutes with my dog, tops. I, too, have a monster chewer who makes light work of everything placed in front of her, toy or not. I gave up buying her toys that looked nice and started going for ones that looked durable. After all, it gets tiring having to pick up the sad shreds of plastic and fur left in my dog’s wake.

Here are 7 toys guaranteed to stand up to even the most ferocious chewer.

Best for most dogs:


We have these strewn around the office, and I’ve never seen a dog refuse to play with this bacon-flavored bone. My dog Lady has two of these because she got them as gifts, and both are still going strong a year later. She’ll ignore most of her toys and go back to this every time for some late night loud teeth scraping, which I choose to imagine is her way of brushing her chompers before bed.


Real bacon flavor

Available in Small, Medium, and Jumbo

Made in the USA

BUY HERE, $10-18

Best for road trips:


This BARK original is made with love by the folks I work with, so of course I may be a little biased. But seriously, you guys, this thing is the key (hehe) to getting your dog to chill out somewhere by himself. It’s small enough to chuck in their overnight bag for sleepovers at Grandma’s or for trips with the family. Made with 100% nylon, it’ll be sure to please your serial gnawer.


Made with love by the humans at BARK

100% made in the USA

Bacon-scented, because why not? <img src="×72/1f60b.png&quot; alt="

7 Dog Toys For Dogs Who Love To Chew

Dog Named Friar Mustache Is A Real-Life Bolivian Monk

This story originally appeared in BarkPost email, the new home of BarkPost’s original articles. If you want silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and puplifting stories every week, sign up at!

In the country of Bolivia, in the valley of Cochabamba, in the city of the same name, there exists a Franciscan monastery near the Andes Mountains with a very special monk: his name is Friar Bigotn (or Friar Mustache in English.) Oh, and he’s a dog.

Well, not just a dog-a ridiculously adorable Schnauzer dog, especially when he wears his little Franciscan habit.

His life is about playing and running, said Friar Jorge Fernandez, who spoke to The Dodo. Here, all of the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God.

Friar Mustache didn’t always live in the comfort of a monastery, surrounded by humans who love him. There was a time when he lived on the streets as a stray, like so many other unlucky animals all over the world.

But with the help of Proyecto Narices Fras-or the Cold Nose Project-Friar Mustache was saved and eventually adopted by the monastery and its members. He was originally given the name Carmelo, but after being inducted into the monastery, he was given the more formal title of Friar Mustache.

It’s safe to say that his life is much better now that he spends his days running and playing with his brothers, not to mention sniffing out the local fish.

The Cold Nose Project hopes that Friar Mustache’s story encourages other monasteries and churches to open their doors to pets in need.

If only all the churches of our country adopt a dog and care for him like Friar Bigotn, they wrote on Facebook, we are sure that the parishioners would follow his example.

Hopefully, they’ll take heed of the message-not just in Bolivia, but in every country, everywhere. Until then, we can be thankful that the Franciscan monastery of Cochabamba and Friar Mustache have set such an adorable example.

Thanks for reading! And sign up for BarkPost email to get our silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and puplifting stories every week!

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Dog Named Friar Mustache Is A Real-Life Bolivian Monk

Tyra the Gordon Setter

When we first went to the SPCA to take a peek at Tyra it was because she was listed as a Rottweiler cross.  Not too many people are willing to adopt big black dogs, we are AND we were looking for a companion for Bogey, a rottweiler/husky cross.

Imagine our surprise when she cam prancing out from the back!  I knew right away just by the way she was acting that she was not a Rottie!  However when you take a look at these pictures of the Gordon Setter you will understand why they thought she might be at least partially rottie!

Tyra the Gordon Setter

12 Of The Best Toys And Treats From The Twelve Days Of Dogsmas

We just wrapped up the best twelve days of the year, the 12 Days Of Dogsmas that is!

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to take advantage of all the savings 12 Days Of Dogsmas had to offer! That’s right, it’s officially Day 13 of 12 Days Of Dogsmas and we’re offering 20% off all BarkShop products for today and today only (12/13/16)!!!!!

Here are twelve of the top products we featured during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas!

1. Andi’s Famous Dumplings

Super squishable, super adorable. From our Foodie Collection!


2. Chilly’s Paw Warmers

This pair of mittens is a tough dog toy to lose, thanks to the rope tying them together! From our Outdoorsy Collection!


3. Bacon Brew Biscuits

When the clock strikes Beer o’clock, open up a bag of these biscuits and share a brew with with your favorite drinking buddy: your dog! From our Party Animal Collection!


4. Paws to Enjoy Life Treats Tin

All of that celebrating will work up an appetite, so your dog will dig the Treat-filled Tin stuffed with dehydrated lamb liver! From our Fashionista Collection!


5. Yappy Meal Bundle

Chicken tenders, waffle fries, and a soda can toy: we’re serving up an extra helping of nostalgia with this bundle. From our Munchie Collection!


6. Pimm’s Pencil + Bully Stick Bundle

You can twist to unlock and separate the eraser, allowing you to stuff the pencil with a steer stick! From our Nerdy Collection!


7. Taxi Toy

Pups love this plush NYC taxi just as much as you hate the real thing! From our Jet Setter Collection!


8. Benebone Bundle

Which Benebone to choose? Skip the tough decision, and try all three chews! From our Gnawty Collection!


9. Diamond Plate Ball

Covered with a durable diamond-plate pattern for a good grip, it’s a non-toxic toy your pooch will love chasing. From our Super Chewer Collection!


10. Striped Dog Teepee

Pitch this striped dog tent, and make your pup feel at home on the range. Sewn from heavy black & white striped canvas by the folks at Pipolli, setup is a cinch. From our Snuggler Collection!


11. Bulb Treat Dispenser

Don’t be fooled by their ‘vintage lights’ look; these babies are alllll chew toy. And they house hidden Treat Spots where you can stick biscuits or morsels of leftovers. From our Festive Collection!


12. Destroyer’s Club Holiday Feast Bundle

When your dog’s hunger for trouble reaches Level Five (the highest level!), the Destroyer’s Club Holiday Feast Bundle rises to the test. From our Destroyer’s Collection!


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12 Of The Best Toys And Treats From The Twelve Days Of Dogsmas